I was inspired to write this blog after receiving a message from a gorgeous bride……. who did not choose me to photograph their wedding!

In fairness, she had not heard of Ella Otranto Photography or even seen our wedding photography before her wedding, which is my fault for not marketing better ha ha.

Sadly, the bride was really unhappy with her images and just checked in to compliment me on mine. This made me sad. Flattered of course, but I just know I could have given her everything she dreamed of. And the worst part, this isn’t the first time a bride has found me after their wedding.

Why do these brides believe they should have chosen Ella Otranto Photography? What do we offer as well as our stunning wedding photos?

I am a woman. My team are women. We know what women worry about. We know that we can take the most epic picture, but if you think your arm looks fat, you are not going to like it!

We listen. Even within our style there are lots of mini styles, maybe you like more black and white images, maybe you looove images with the veil flying, maybe you want most of your images to be a bit serious but you want a few silly ones in there as well. We get to know what you want and we deliver.

We go above and beyond. Now I am not about to pull out the kayak for every wedding ha ha ha, but you need something? Chances are we have it. Getting married at Caversham House? I have my “Caversham House boots” to get the shot, and flowers to put around the swing. Getting married at Millbrook Winery? I know the easy path so you don’t ruin your shoes. Love those veil shots? My assistants are on it. We know what time the sun is setting on your day. We know where we need to be to get the shots you want.

Our testimonials say it all. It is more than just producing beautiful photos for you, we are helpful, we are fun, we make the slightly awkward photography part of your wedding not awkward at all*, and we help make your wedding run more smoothly.

*except for family pictures, that part might be awkward but it’s much less to do with us ha ha ha.

From the get go you know what package you have and what it includes. Guests ask us all the time, will we ever see that photo? How can I get that photo? How much will it be? And I love answering them. Photographers have a bit of a bad name, a few ruined it for us all inciting this fear of not getting images. I love that I can respond with, “the bride and groom get a USB with every single image we have taken in high resolution, in about a month they will have this image and would be so excited to share it with you.”

OK OK I feel like I have been going on about how great Ella Otranto Photography is. I am not big headed, I do not think I am great at everything. I have plenty of flaws. Business wise I am useless at blogging. Anything I don’t find fun I find really really hard to do. I am so so so bad at newborn photography. You know those “nailed it” fail memes? That is me photographing newborns. I have terrible spatial awareness. I am so lucky it doesn’t affect my photography. Finding the right size container to put left over food in though? No chance.

Annnnyway. The point is, I don’t want to see any more messages like this! Unhappy brides that wish they booked with us instead of another Perth wedding photographer is a thing of the past. Ella Otranto Photography might not be the right photographer for your wedding, if you have a different style that you like better then by all means find someone you love! But, if you like what you see and what you read then book a meeting and lets have a chat about what we can do for your special day.

Have a lovely day!