the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

The Five Most Common Mistakes You Can Make When Timing Your Wedding Day


Timing your wedding day is crucial to keeping the day running smoothly and keeping your stress to a minimum. The more thoughtfully you plan the timing of key moments, the more secure you can feel that everything will run according to plan – and if it doesn’t you’ll have a buffer to deal with it!

You don’t want to have to sacrifice time taking beautiful photos during your photo shoot or end up having dinner twenty minutes late because of what could have been only a tiny hiccup! Plan the day carefully and enjoy it the way you deserve to. To help you plan the perfect schedule, here are the five most common mistakes you can make while scheduling the day and how to avoid them.

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Not making time for congratulations after the ceremony

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Your friends and family just watched you get married and they are dying to meet you as a married couple! Don’t underestimate the importance of reserving a bit of time for hugging and being told how amazing you both look. To avoid feeling rushed or falling behind schedule you should reserve about fifteen minutes between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of your photo shoot, plus a few extra minutes to relax with your bridal party. You can catch up with your guests and share the love, then start your photo shoot feeling totally chilled and loved up.

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Hair and make up going overtime

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

It can be difficult to judge how much time you’ll need to look your best bridal self. And stressing about time is not a great way to start your big day! Ask your hairstylist and make up artist about timing, keeping in mind that your bridesmaids might also need their hair and make up done. Take note of timing during your hair and make up trials, but also add on a bit of a buffer to account for things running overtime. You’ll avoid unnecessary stress and ensure you feel totally relaxed while being pampered and prettied up. Not allowing time to get photos in your dress Picture this: your hair and make up are done and you’re ready to shed your glamorous bridal robe and step into an even more glamorous wedding dress.

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

(The robes above can be purchased on Loved By Ella)

Your photographer has captured the getting ready process and is excited to take some gorgeous shots of you looking all ready to go. We promise that you won’t regret saving some time before you leave to get some cute photos of your bridesmaids helping with the finishing touches, or maybe a first look with your parents. And you’ll always treasure those first few photos of you looking freshly ready to walk down the aisle and into wedded bliss. If you’re not sure how long you might need to fit a few photos in, have a chat with your photographer and they’ll be able to help you out!

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Not doing a first look

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Not all weddings need a first look, however if your ceremony is quite late in the day and there isn’t enough time for your photoshoot afterwards, they can be the perfect way to capture all the stunning images you could want of your wedding. For a first look, you and your soon-to-be hubby meet up before the ceremony to get a sneak peek! Your photographers will organise you so that you can’t see each other initially, then one, two, three, you turn around and boom – you see each other. Photos of this moment are always so gorgeous and special, plus you can have a lovely little photoshoot straight after.

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

After the first look you go to your ceremony as usual and afterwards you don’t have to worry about making time to fit in a full-length photo shoot. You can chill out with your bridal party for a while or head straight to the reception to get the party started!


Not accounting for long speeches

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

You’ve probably been to one of those wedding receptions where someone giving a speech has a LOT to say. Most speeches don’t run for more than five minutes but sometimes dad insists on sharing a funny but long-winded story about you when you were growing up, or the best man gets a little emotional and ends up pouring his heart out for ten minutes. While these speeches can end up being really special, they can also really throw off the schedule. Before the big day, check in with everyone who is giving a speech and remind them of time limits – especially if they are planning on winging it on the day! Allow a few extra minutes in each chunk of speeches just in case. Better to be safe than end up having everything run super late!


Having your first dance too late

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Your first dance as a married couple is a truly special moment. In each other’s arms, surrounded by everyone you love but feeling like you’re the only two people in the room. But don’t leave it til too late in the evening. The later your dance is, the more likely you are to have had one champers too many, or be tired and feeling a little less coordinated. You might be feeling nervous about the dance too, and the sooner you start it, the quicker you’ll realise there’s nothing to worry about! Some couples choose to do their first dance as soon as they are announced in to the reception. This is great as you can relax for the rest of the evening!

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

If you’ve read this list and started panicking about creating the perfect schedule: don’t worry. Weddings that run late are still great weddings! There are plenty of people you can ask for help for timing your schedule. And your photographer might actually be one of the most helpful people to chat to about it. They’re likely to be spending the most time with you guys on the actual day, and a good photographer will have plenty of understanding of how weddings run and what else you might need to consider when planning the day. When in doubt, check in with them! Pretty soon you’ll have a perfectly structured day and you can relax and focus on feeling excited!

the five most common mistakes you can make when timing your wedding day by ella otranto

Samantha & Ethan


Tips for Future Brides

Take in every single moment! 

From the start of the day to the last minute. It’s the most incredible day of your life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff on the big day! 

It’s generally too late for you to make any changes, the guests won’t know any different and will not even notice.

Be organized early!

My favourite part of the morning was being able to enjoy a glass of champagne with my best girls before walking down the aisle instead of running around like a headless chook.

Spend alone time with your husband after the ceremony!

You and your husband will have all your favourite people in one place which means being super busy socializing. Nothing was better than leaving the bridal party behind heading to the beach and spending half an hour with my new husband before heading back for the reception. Take some time out together to take in the day!

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Tips for Other Couples

There are 2 pieces of advice we feel like we can give couples. Firstly, as crazy as the lead up to your big day is, try as much as possible to make sure you are not running around like crazy on your actual day. We had a wedding that started at 4pm. We woke up, had some breakfast with our I DO CREW, casually started hair and make-up, finalised our speeches and had some time for some beautiful moments with our mums and besties before the pace of the day took over. You will get to a point when you physically don’t think you can add anything else onto your plate – it’s full – but push through that, do what needs to be done and then sit back and enjoy the moments. Obviously a kick-ass I DO CREW, a killer EVENT PLAN and a massive TO-DO LIST will help with getting things done! Secondly, thank the people who helped make the day possible. REALLY thank them! As much as the day is about you – without their kindness, love and support, your day wouldn’t happen!”

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Tips for Future Brides

“My advice for any bride is most importantly, to be organized. Keep everything in a file and make sure you print all of your receipts to keep track of everything. It’s also super important to look around, don’t just go with the first person you get a quote from. Weddings are expensive so shop around and get lots of quotes before making a final decision. When it comes to music it’s super important to spend a lot of time on this. Music can either make or break a wedding. Take the time to do a list for the night. Break it down into two sections, an “eating dinner” list and a “party” list. This will ensure that all genres of music is covered for the night so everyone will be up on the dance floor partying the night away. Lastly, just relax and enjoy your day and night. Everything will fall into place exactly how it’s meant to.”





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Hi, Welcome to my blog

I am going to be 100% honest here, I do not like blogging. I would much rather be meeting with you to discuss your wedding, photographing your wedding or editing your images!

However, I understand, you want to see more of my wedding photography, you want to see images from the beginning to the end of a wedding, you might want to see what your venue looks like in different seasons or decorated in different ways, from Perth weddings to Swan valley weddings, weddings down south and more, and you might want to see what great wedding suppliers my brides used, I hear you!

So, when I can bring myself to do it I promise I will blog! I don’t know how consistent I will be especially during the busy wedding season but please feel free to check back here every now and then to see the latest epic adventures and stunning Perth Weddings! I will also endeavour to link them to my Facebook page so if you are not already following me please do! And who knows, maybe one day I will get savvy/boring enough to do a mail list. Maybe. One day. Ha ha : )

If you ever have any questions about anything wedding related feel free to message or email me! I love weddings and I am always happy to help! Contact me here!

That is all for me for now, have a lovely day!



Why Choose Ella?


I was inspired to write this blog after receiving a message from a gorgeous bride……. who did not choose me to photograph their wedding!

In fairness, she had not heard of Ella Otranto Photography or even seen our wedding photography before her wedding, which is my fault for not marketing better ha ha.

Sadly, the bride was really unhappy with her images and just checked in to compliment me on mine. This made me sad. Flattered of course, but I just know I could have given her everything she dreamed of. And the worst part, this isn’t the first time a bride has found me after their wedding.

Why do these brides believe they should have chosen Ella Otranto Photography? What do we offer as well as our stunning wedding photos?

I am a woman. My team are women. We know what women worry about. We know that we can take the most epic picture, but if you think your arm looks fat, you are not going to like it!

We listen. Even within our style there are lots of mini styles, maybe you like more black and white images, maybe you looove images with the veil flying, maybe you want most of your images to be a bit serious but you want a few silly ones in there as well. We get to know what you want and we deliver.

We go above and beyond. Now I am not about to pull out the kayak for every wedding ha ha ha, but you need something? Chances are we have it. Getting married at Caversham House? I have my “Caversham House boots” to get the shot, and flowers to put around the swing. Getting married at Millbrook Winery? I know the easy path so you don’t ruin your shoes. Love those veil shots? My assistants are on it. We know what time the sun is setting on your day. We know where we need to be to get the shots you want.

Our testimonials say it all. It is more than just producing beautiful photos for you, we are helpful, we are fun, we make the slightly awkward photography part of your wedding not awkward at all*, and we help make your wedding run more smoothly.

*except for family pictures, that part might be awkward but it’s much less to do with us ha ha ha.

From the get go you know what package you have and what it includes. Guests ask us all the time, will we ever see that photo? How can I get that photo? How much will it be? And I love answering them. Photographers have a bit of a bad name, a few ruined it for us all inciting this fear of not getting images. I love that I can respond with, “the bride and groom get a USB with every single image we have taken in high resolution, in about a month they will have this image and would be so excited to share it with you.”

OK OK I feel like I have been going on about how great Ella Otranto Photography is. I am not big headed, I do not think I am great at everything. I have plenty of flaws. Business wise I am useless at blogging. Anything I don’t find fun I find really really hard to do. I am so so so bad at newborn photography. You know those “nailed it” fail memes? That is me photographing newborns. I have terrible spatial awareness. I am so lucky it doesn’t affect my photography. Finding the right size container to put left over food in though? No chance.

Annnnyway. The point is, I don’t want to see any more messages like this! Unhappy brides that wish they booked with us instead of another Perth wedding photographer is a thing of the past. Ella Otranto Photography might not be the right photographer for your wedding, if you have a different style that you like better then by all means find someone you love! But, if you like what you see and what you read then book a meeting and lets have a chat about what we can do for your special day.

Have a lovely day!